Our Tenets

Revalorization of Art and Culture

We are travelers because delving into the unknown inspires us. Exposing ourselves to all cultures and customs teaches us to be empathetic and understanding of the world and the human race. This curiosity teaches us humility–to know we are in this together. We are brothers and sisters. Andino was born from our passion of connecting cultures and revalorizing the identity of communities. We believe in returning to our origins, in cherishing handmade and ancestral techniques that create unique, timeless pieces–each with its own story. We curate brands, artisans, designers, entrepreneurs. We seek to elevate and support them for we want to be a bridge that brings their art to the world. A bridge that unites us.

Sustainability as a Transversal Value

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. It is responsible for 10% of the carbon footprint in our planet. Some of the factors that contribute to this are the overproduction of garments, and the use of synthetic fibers. To know where our clothes come from, to care about who made them and to demand transparency in the supply chain is up to us. If we make the right choices we can make a difference.

At Andino knowing exactly the who, where and how of our production chain is critically important to actively address the environmental impact of our consumption. We choose brands that share our vision, and we all work towards the same goal: to create and deliver unique products that are made sustainably, including the materials they are made of, the way they are made, by whom, and caring about the beings impacted in the process. Join us in our mission to care for Mother Earth and our future generations. Together we can change an industry, a culture, a planet.