No hollow BS

Andino was born out of a commitment to wearing-with-a-conscience. Our products support beautiful communities and their exceptional crafts by paying fair prices, transacting transparently, and dedicating an important part of our margins to causes which uplift the makers.  


Born in the Andes, locally sourced from all over Latin America, based in California.

Our Story

The story of Andino began in 2016 when cousins Felisa and Ignacio envisioned a company that merged their passion for art, culture and travel, with environmental consciousness. “We had an idea of creating a product for young travelers like us, made with a focus on protecting the environment and with a responsible supply chain. Turned out it wasn’t the right time."


After three years of adventures, finding incredible communities and exceptional, one-of-a-kind goods, the founders took a leap. Instead of creating one product, we embarked on a quest to discover existing crafts made by indigenous artists.


Today Andino is a committed team of professionals working together towards the same goal: revalue art and ancestral techniques of indigenous communities and skilled artisans, supporting the development of their communities and their livelihood, always with a focus on protecting the environment and all living beings.